Zusammen Stark

Strong together - together we will master the Corona crisis

The crisis hits some people harder than others! With the campaign "Strong together", we at Modellmarkt24.ch want to support our fellow pilots who are particularly hard hit by the crisis.


The idea

We offer our webshop as a platform, free of charge and carriage paid. Using the example of our pilot colleague Jürg Biber, this means that we have taken over all products of Cave Biber in our shop and make them known to all our customers in a newsletter. 


We hope of course that many of our customers will take the opportunity to buy their next wine from Jürg Biber or directly from our shop. With this you support Jürg in overcoming the crisis, "by the way" you will get a good drop delivered to your home (:-)



If we receive an order, it will be forwarded to Cave Biber, including the paid money (and cancelled from our books). With the exception of the payment fees (credit cards, Paypal etc), our partner receives the full money from you. Modellmarkt24 GmbH does not earn any money from this trade, it is 100% for the benefit of the partner.


===>> Do not hesitate, help us to help our flying colleagues to master the Corona crisis <<==


Legal information

Modellmarkt24 GmbH appears with these orders only as mediator. The products are delivered directly from the "flying colleague", in this example from the Cave Beaver. Also the invoice or receipt is issued by Cave Biber.


Rabatten können nicht kummuliert werden. Allfällig zu viel abgezogene Rabatte (z.B. der 1'000er Klub Rabatt), werden bei Produktelieferung wieder in Rechnung gestellt. Gutscheine von Modellmarkt24 können zur Bezahlung von "Partnerprodukten" nicht benutzt werden.

... and it shall continue...

We are open for other flying colleagues to make the same arrangement. Please contact us. We'd be glad to help...


Together we are strong!!!